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Emotional Freedom Techniques Can Change Your Life


The peace you seek may be as close as your fingertips!

The events in our life are not what make us who we are. How we choose to let them affect us is the determining factor in who we become.

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Adventures in Holistic Health


Chances are you came here because you are dealing with emotional or physical pain.
If so, you came to the right place. You will find this is a loving and gentle place where you will receive the peace that you have longed for.  You will never be judged, just accepted.  There are no coincidences in were guided here for a reason

I do not read minds or tell fortunes but I am very intuitive.  I give God the credit for any progress you and I make as we work together.  I am just the vehicle He uses to help you release whatever problems you are dealing with so that you may attain the life that He has designed for you.

Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, anger, guilt or pain?

Do you feel "different" and never completely fit in anywhere?

Do you often feel alone even though people are all around you?

Now there is hope!

If any
of the above sounds familiar, most likely you have some type of emotional baggage that you are carrying around with you.  This causes blocks in your system which can affect your thoughts, how you feel both emotionally and physically,  and everything you do.
  You may feel stuck and be unable to move forward or make any positive changes in your life.  This is often called emotional paralysis 

These blocks may be caused by negative memories, things that happened in your childhood, some type of trauma, on-going stress, a current crisis, or limiting beliefs that you have acquired over time.  Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT as it is commonly called, is an extremely effective method of energy therapy that can remove whatever is effecting you negatively. It is very gentle, painless, long-lasting, usually permanent, and with immediate results.

You cannot change what has happened in your past. You can’t even control all of the things in your daily life. However, you can change how the past and present affect your future. Using EFT can rapidly return the mind, body, and spirit to a state of balance and harmony. Only then can you begin to experience a new level of peace and harmony in your life.

EFT is very effective with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  
Problems stemming from the stress and memories of war and combat, sexual, mental, or physical abuse, depression, anxiety, fear, sexual dysfunction, physical problems, pain, phobias, headaches, plus many other aliments respond quickly with the use of EFT.  It is used on all issues and ninety-five percent of the time it works, even where everything else has failed to give relief.

You do not have to completely understand EFT to obtain results. You just have to want it to work and have a desire for positive changes. You will then see miraculous results emotionally, mentally, and physically as your body’s energy becomes balanced.

The process can be easily learned and self-applied.  It can be used on anything, anytime, and anywhere. EFT brings the body into balance so that the energy flows freely throughout the system, bringing everything into alignment.

This can be the beginning of a wonderful new life. You owe it to yourself to be all that you can be!  Deep inside, most of us have a strong desire for peace, happiness, and success.  Emotional Freedom Techniques can remove the baggage and help clear the way for you. 

"I have worked with Nancy for many years allowing her space in my practice to help people through her expertise in Emotional Freedom  Technique. I have seen actively suicidal-thinking patients change their lives for the better after working with Nancy. People with different phobias have resolved their fears. Nancy is very pleasant to work with and cares deeply for her/our patients."


Bryan Turner, D.V.M., M.D., M.D.(P) 
CEO, Medical director at Jordan Health and Wellness Center

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Disclaimer:  Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of energy therapy that has been in use, in its present form, since 1992. EFT is gentle and produces remarkable clinical results.  It is used to relieve emotional and physical distresses, resulting in better overall health, relaxation, peace of mind, more energy and focus, and an increase in personal performance. Emotional Freedom Techniques does not replace your medical professional.   

                                                                                                                  God Bless Our Troops

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